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Step into The Faraway Near with London-born novelist and podcaster Hari Kunzru, live from New York, for a journey down the alt-right rabbit hole in his sixth novel, Red Pill. Written as the culmination of twenty years spent following online conspiracy theories, Red Pill explores a writer’s mid-life crisis and torrid affair, not with a lover, but with the wit, mysterious symbolism and paranoid certainty of the internet itself. Funny, fiercely intelligent and absolutely contemporary in his thinking, Hari is not to be missed.

What is The Faraway Near? Our custom digital venue that has the intimacy of a night at the pub with friends – and a favourite writer. Find out more here.


Hari Kunzru
Saturday, 28th August
TSB Space, Tūranga, 60 Cathedral Square 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm $38/36 (Service fees apply)
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