Poet Laureate’s Choice

1 November 2020 | WORD Christchurch Spring Festival

‘In this landscape we invent as it invents us.’

Dramatic, sublime, fragile, work-a-day, the landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand, and in particular the landscape of Te Waipounamu, is all of these, and more. We grow out of the places we live in as organically as any other living thing. How do poets, our most sensitive communicators, perceive and make meaningful the spirit of the places where they reside?

Poet Laureate David Eggleton has invited poets who live in Te Waipounamu — Kay McKenzie Cooke, Bernadette Hall, Cilla McQueen, Owen Marshall and James Norcliffe — to present poems exploring that question.

Supported by the National Library of New Zealand

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