Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons Peter FitzSimons writes regular columns for The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald, is a television presenter on Fox Sports, and has co-hosted radio shows with Mike Carlton and Doug
Mulray. He speaks four languages and has interviewed famous people around the globe from George Bush to Diego Maradona.

He has played rugby for Australia and written almost 20 best-selling books. He is the biographer of World Cup winning Wallaby captains, Nick
Farr-Jones and John Eales, as well as former Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, war heroine Nancy Wake and magazine Queen, Nene King.

In 2001 Peter FitzSimons was Australia’s biggest selling non-fiction author. He duplicated that feat in 2004, with his book on Kokoda. His book Tobruk, recounts the story of the Rats of Tobruk as they fought during World War II against Italian, then later the Afrika Korps as they were led by General Erwin Rommell.

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