Miriam Lancewood

Miriam Lancewood grew up in the Netherlands, studied Physical Education and went to Africa to teach. After a year in Zimbabwe, she flew to India. A life of adventure started when she met the New Zealander Peter Raine in 2006. Together they trekked for years through Asia, including PNG. In 2010 they were curious to see what happens to body and mind when living far away from civilisation. For seven years they survived in the wilderness of New Zealand. They moved around like nomads, cooked on a fire and slept in a tent. Miriam learned to hunt with a bow and arrow and later with a rifle. Her memoir Woman in the Wilderness became an unexpected international bestseller. In 2017 the couple walked through Europe and Turkey. Miriam’s new book Wild at Heart tells the loving, heart breaking, horror story of what happened in just two years.

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