Joanna Grochowicz

Joanna Grochowicz is the author of Into the White – Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey which was a finalist in the 2018 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young People and listed in Top 50 Books for Children by the NZ Listener. Amundsen’s Way was published in May 2019.

Joanna’s narrative non-fiction is meticulously researched and compellingly told. By fusing the real and the imagined in her stories of early Antarctic exploration, she reveals the human aspirations and tragedies that have shaped our understanding of what remains an utterly inhuman place. As an Antarctic writer and communicator, Joanna believes strongly that engaging with Antarctic history encourages a deeper connection with a globally significant continent that few will ever visit. While focusing on polar exploration, her ever-popular school sessions guide students in examining the continued importance of resilience, perseverance and curiosity in all human endeavours.

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