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WORD Christchurch is a charitable trust and relies on a huge amount of support to bring outstanding events to the community and to keep ticket prices affordable. We love what we do, and we’d love to give you the opportunity to help.

By supporting WORD you are part of the WORD Christchurch team and can enjoy the buzz of helping to stage events that make Christchurch a dynamic place to live.

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Every little bit helps! We welcome one-off or ongoing donations. All of our contributors get to have a say in the festival, and receive special newsletters that go deep into what the world of literature has to offer.

To make a tax-deductible one-off or monthly donation, please fill in the donation box.

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If you would like to deepen your relationship with WORD Christchurch, please consider becoming a patron or supporter.

Patrons and supporters help us to:

* Support and nurture writers, local communities and local businesses

* Bring free and affordable family events to the city

* Offer free events for schools across Canterbury that foster a love of books, ideas and performance in young people

* Provide a platform to discuss urgent global issues, and help create a kinder, more well-informed community

In addition, those who sign up as patrons also enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to exclusive launches and discounted tickets to events with different levels to suit a range of wallets.

Payment Options

To become a patron or supporter:

Credit Card: Click on the donation box and enter the Membership Level amount on the Custom Amount field and proceed with checkout.

Internet Banking: Click on the sign up as a supporter button, fill in the form and pay by internet banking (WORD Christchurch bank details are on the form).

For more information, please email Paula Granger on

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