WORD Christchurch relies on a huge amount of support to bring outstanding events to the community and to keep ticket prices affordable. By becoming a supporter, patron or sponsor, you are part of the WORD Christchurch team and enjoy the buzz of helping to stage exciting events that make Christchurch an interesting place to live. Please email Jacqueline Campbell on for more information.

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Corporate Patrons

Hawkesby & Co Ltd

Trevor Hone Builders

Johnston Penno Ltd

Miles Construction Ltd

Gold Patrons

Krissy & Mark Christensen

Jane Higgins & Paul Dalziel

Stephanie Grieve

Monica Hunter & Bill Luff

Joanna Orwin



Michael Aitken & Karen Fincham

Greg Bloomer

Bob Blyth

Kate & Richard Burtt

Susan Henson & Thomas Young

Annabel Holland

Jenny May

Anna Rogers

Margie Sewell

Dame Adrienne Stewart


Elizabeth Ashford

Jane Bryden

Olivia Egerton

Fiona Farrell

Susanna & Menno Finlay-Smits

Pauline Gimson

Charlotte Gray

Murray and Bernice Ireland

Margaret Luisetti

Rachel Murrell

Joanna Norris

Brian Phillips

Suzanne Robin

Louisa & Tom Sharpe

Vic Tutton

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