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1 November 2020 | WORD Christchurch Spring Festival

Captain Charles Hazlitt Upham is the only combat soldier ever to win the Victoria Cross twice. His acts of bravery in World War II meant he probably deserved six more.

The mystery of how a reserved, modest, slightly-built farm valuer from New Zealand could be so ferocious and fearless in battle has intrigued and fascinated Tom Scott ever since he read about Charles Upham as a schoolboy. Searching for Charlie is Scott’s epic quest to unravel the ‘real’ Charles Upham. He talks with Christopher Moore about what he learned along the way.

1 September 2018 | WORD Christchurch Festival

Spend an hour with one of New Zealand’s favourite figures as he discusses with Michele A’Court his best-selling memoir, Drawn Out. Tom Scott is a political commentator and cartoonist, satirist, scriptwriter, playwright, raconteur and funny man. Famously banned from the Press Gallery by Rob Muldoon, he’s observed David Lange, Mike Moore and Helen Clark. His memoir, which covers his childhood, his university days, his parliamentary career, his work with close friend Ed Hillary and much more, is both multi-layered and a ripping good yarn.

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